okay so I’m having people over later so I’m cleaning my room and we have to sweep the carpets, which btw is stupid, and I got all the stuff in the dustpan then sort of blanked out and when I un-blanked I was sitting on my bed and the floor was clean and the dustpan was clean and I spent ten minutes looking for the dirt and I started panicking because what if I put it somewhere weird?! and then I found it in the bathroom trash can. That was literally one of the most nerve racking moments in my life, you have no idea.

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I’m starting to remember why I left this account for so long….

yooooo bloggin from school

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YOOOOOOO I missed the bus :(

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hhhhhhh I can’t breatheeee

So in honours english we were talking about religion and I told them I wasn’t christian and now I think everyone in that class hates me because they’re all religious and stuff and plus //I’m p sureĀ  they all think I’m stupid because I wasn’t in any ‘smart’ classes besides AP environmental science and I’m quiet and answer questions wrong oh dear not again…//

gfdi I’m getting distracteddddd I need to do my notes!!!!

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